Placing Principals Before Personalities and Doing The Next Right Thing


It is an honor and a privilege to have you visit my website!
     Since starting this campaign I have been blessed to have met so many wonderful people.  I have discovered that we are all PROUD GEORGIANS in all our many ways. Despite our differences we all have very similar needs in our lives.  We all want a safe place to live and raise our families, we want a quality education for our children, stable employment and less meddling in our lives by the government.
     I ask myself are these unreasonable requests?  The answer is a resounding NO!  Together we can make these things a reality.  I firmly believe that ONE HONEST VOICE CAN BE LOUDER THAN A CROWD!  I am asking you to let me be that voice for you and your family.
Dr. Tim Riley For State Senate
545 Research Drive  STE. A
Athens, Georgia 30605
(706) 206-7181
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